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Water Resources Protect
Water resources are one of the most important resources on which human beings depend for survival. Protecting water resources is the responsibility of a country, an enterprise and even every person on the earth. The use of the most for leather production is water, and fresh water is the earth's precious resources, but also the source of life. Fubang has been adhering to the concept of ‘Green Factory’ since the early stage of construction, and has always carried out the responsibility of saving energy and protecting the environment.

Saving Water
The company has a wide range of publicity on water conservation. The water supply in the factory is provided with water meters from the tap water network to each workshop, and monthly water consumption assessment is conducted. The company has passed the water balance test of the government department in 2018.

The Drainage of Water
How to make rational use of water resources, protect the fresh water, and save water are the issues that we fubang people have been paying attention to.
As early as the factory establishment, adhering to the purpose of ‘Green Factory’, we invested a lot of environmental protection equipment and sewage treatment plants in the factory, and established the advanced sewage treatment pool in the industry to ensure that it reaches the country’s environmental protection standard (if the chemical oxygen demand is below 300 and the total chromium is below 1.5, the average chemical oxygen demand of wastewater discharge in the company's 18th executive report is 161.5Mean value of total chromium emission).The drainage system of rain and sewage diversion is adopted in the factory. After the wastewater is treated with our own sewage treatment facilities, it will be included into the municipal sewage network after it reaches the discharge limit (the water pollution discharge standard of leather and fur processing industry GB30486-2013).All the solid waste generated will be disposed by qualified companies to minimize the harm to the environment.

Energy Use
Aiming to improve product quality, reduce energy consumption, strengthen the competitive power for sustainable development, company decided to invest six million RMB to transform and upgrade the old leather products. Without any increase in total pollutants , this upgrading saves energy , reduces consumption, and eliminate the original old energy-consuming equipment, thus makes our products more stable and environmentally friendly.
The distribution rooms of the internal power network are equipped with power factor compensation facilities, high-power equipment adopts frequency conversion control, and the air compressor unit uses rare earth permanent magnet motor.
These all reduce the consumption of electricity.
Steam in the factory is supplied by Maqiao metropolitan thermoelectric co., LTD. The factory is equipped with level 2 metering facilities, and the steam consumption is counted every month.
At the same time, factory concentrates the condensed water produced by spray, toggling and vacuum drying, supplies to the drying room for secondary use to improve the utilization rate of steam.